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Illness Analysis

Here provides specific illness analysis for patients with kidney (renal) failure by kidney disease experts, which helps kidney disease management and health of kidneys.

Analyze Medical Reports for a Nephrotic Syndrome Patient with Urine Protein: 2+; Total Protein: 4.4;

Analysis:Here is the medical reports about my sister who is a patient with nephrotic syndrome. Please analyze it and give us the best advice. Urine protein: 2+; total pr...Read More

How to Help My Father Reduce Blood Urea Nitrogen Immediately

Analysis:My father age 67 years. Blood urea nitrogen level suddenly jumped from 90 to 165 in 15 days. Creatinine level is 5. I just want to know immediate treatment to r...Read More

IgA Nephropathy, Creatinine 1.21, Proteinuria

Analysis:The following is about some reports with different dates: 1997, urine protein ++, urine protein in 24h is 1698mg, the sizes of kidneys are 10.9 and 10.7; 1998-1...Read More

Still Peeing In Chronic Kidney Failure

Analysis:My boyfriend has Chronic Kidney Failure. The doctor told him he will stop peeing and swell up, but he has no sign of this. He is on dialysis 4 hours 3 times a w...Read More

Chronic Kidney Failure, 5.6 Potassium Reading: Is It Serious

Analysis:My potassium read is 5.6. I am a patient of Chronic Kidney Failure. Is there anything I should be worried? What can I do now to help my kidney problem?...Read More

How Long Can Patients Live with Dialysis and Diabetes

Analysis:I am a diabetic and have begun dialysis for two years. Now, I even cant walk. How long can patients live with dialysis and diabetes?...Read More

Hip Pain Associated With Stage 5 Kidney Failure

Analysis:My husband is stage 5 kidney failure, not on dialysis yet but just started having hip pain last couples days. What causes it? And what to do now?...Read More

Does IgA Nephropathy Always End In Needing A Kidney Transplant

Analysis:My daughter was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy two years ago and I am still overwhelmed. Does it always end in needing a transplant at some point?...Read More

How To Protect Kidneys With Renal Failure

Analysis:Hi, thanks for leaving us message. Please do not worry, i will try to give you some guidance. You know there are only 20% kidney function left and what she need...Read More

Is Fever In Dialysis Serious

Analysis:I am running a fever while on dialysis, should I be worried?...Read More

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