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Illness Analysis

Here provides specific illness analysis for patients with kidney (renal) failure by kidney disease experts, which helps kidney disease management and health of kidneys.

Creatinine 3.7, Uric Acid 12.7, BUN 50: After Effects And Suggestions

Analysis:My aunt is an acute diabetic. Recently test reports show serum creatinine 3.7, serum uric acid 12.7 and blood urea nitrogen 50. What are the after effects of such results?...Read More

Does Creatinine 1.6 Mean Kidneys Have Been Damaged To 50%

Analysis:My creatinine level has reached 1.6, does that mean my kidneys has damaged to 50%? Doctor prescribed me tamsulosin hydrochloride 0.4mg and has asked me to take it for rest of my life. What does this indicate? Is there anything serious to wo...Read More

Dialysis, Creatinine 9, Urea 136, Hemoglobin 11.6, Increased Urine Discharge

Analysis:I am suffering from chronic kidney failure since 2006. I am on dialysis from 2009. My creatinine level is 9, blood urea 136 and hemoglobin 11.6. Both sodium level and potassium level are normal. My urine discharge is 5l milliliter per day.a...Read More

Stage 4 Kidney Failure, Diabetes, Pepsi

Analysis:Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink that is produced and manufactured by pepsico. Pepsi contains no fat, but indeed contain some sodium, because of which, stage kidney failure patients need to drink less of it....Read More

Chronic Kidney Failure Stage 3: Does It Progress No Matter What

Analysis:Hi, how are you? Thankings for leaving us message. Your illness condition is complicated, as you have so many health tissues. Here I will try to give you some suggestions and hope it is helpful for you. Also, if you have any further question...Read More

CKD Stage 3, Creatinine 3, Blood Urea 88: Tips For Excess Thirst

Analysis:I have a query. My mother is 65 yrs old and she is suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease stage 3. Her creatinine is 3 and Blood Urea is 88. She is feeling very thirsty these days and since we cannot give her a lot of water. she feel extreme...Read More

Natural Method To Lower Creatinine And Urea Level

Analysis:Lowering creatinine and urea level is the common pursuit for people with kidney problem, especially kidney failure patients, as higher the creatinine and urea level is, the higher their risk for dialysis is. Here we will introduce some natur...Read More

End Stage Renal Failure, Creatinine 659, GFR 7, Dialysis

Analysis:My husband is end stage renal failure. His creatinine levels are 659 and gfr 7. He has done 2 dialysis thus far. Is this the end of the road?...Read More

Kidney Failure, Serum Creatinine 16.8 After Dialysis

Analysis:I am a patient of kidney failure and after dialysis, my serum creatinine is 16.8. Why is it? And what should I do now?...Read More

Kidney Failure, Diabetes, Hypertension, Potassium 6.2, Creatinine 6.4

Analysis:Hi, dialysis is usually recommended when creatinine level increases to 5. Your serum creainine is 6.4 which is much higher than the normal range 0.5-1.3, so I’d like to know have you started dialysis? If yes, how many times dialysis you do...Read More

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