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Illness Analysis

Here provides specific illness analysis for patients with kidney (renal) failure by kidney disease experts, which helps kidney disease management and health of kidneys.

What Treatment Should be Used for Kidney Failure Patients Other Than Dialysis

Analysis:What treatment should be used for kidney failure patients other than dialysis...Read More

Can Patients with Dialysis for 6 Months Do Kidney Transplant

Analysis:Can patients withdDialysis for 6 months do kidney transplant...Read More

How Much Does Chinese Osmotherapy Cost

Analysis:How does Chinese osmotherapy cost ?...Read More

Which Treatment Can Help Me Reduce High Creatinine Level

Analysis:Which treatment can help me reduce high creatinine level...Read More

Is Hematuria and Melena Common in Stage 4 CKD Patients

Analysis:Is hematuria and melena common in stage 4 CKD patients...Read More

How Can I Do to Reduce High Creatinine Level after Kidney Transplant

Analysis:How can I do to reduce high creatinine level after kidney transplant?...Read More

How Can I Treat Kidney Failure without Dialysis

Analysis:How can I treat kidney failure without dialysis...Read More

Is There Any Alternative Solution to Reduce Creatinine 10.5

Analysis:Pakistan patient 07-22 17:52:23 is there any alternate solution to reduce immediately creatinine level, which is 10.50. kidney-expert 07-22 17:52:30 yes kidney-expert 07-22 17:52:36 have u been on dialysis ? Pakistan patient 07-22 17:52:46...Read More

Is It Possible to Get off Dialysis When A Person Starts

Analysis:Is it possible to get off dialysis when a person starts...Read More

Is There Any Cure for PKD with Creatinine 411 and GFR 10

Analysis:Is there any cure for PKD with creatinine 411 and GFR 10...Read More

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