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Illness Analysis

Here provides specific illness analysis for patients with kidney (renal) failure by kidney disease experts, which helps kidney disease management and health of kidneys.

What Treatments Should I Take to Improve Kidney Function

Analysis:Improve Kidney Function,...Read More

What Treatment Should be Used for Kidney Failure Patients Other Than Dialysis

Analysis:What treatment should be used for kidney failure patients other than dialysis...Read More

Can Patients with Dialysis for 6 Months Do Kidney Transplant

Analysis:Can patients withdDialysis for 6 months do kidney transplant...Read More

How Much Does Chinese Osmotherapy Cost

Analysis:How does Chinese osmotherapy cost ?...Read More

Which Treatment Can Help Me Reduce High Creatinine Level

Analysis:Which treatment can help me reduce high creatinine level...Read More

Is Hematuria and Melena Common in Stage 4 CKD Patients

Analysis:Is hematuria and melena common in stage 4 CKD patients...Read More

How Can I Do to Reduce High Creatinine Level after Kidney Transplant

Analysis:How can I do to reduce high creatinine level after kidney transplant?...Read More

How Can I Treat Kidney Failure without Dialysis

Analysis:How can I treat kidney failure without dialysis...Read More

Is There Any Alternative Solution to Reduce Creatinine 10.5

Analysis:Pakistan patient 07-22 17:52:23 is there any alternate solution to reduce immediately creatinine level, which is 10.50. kidney-expert 07-22 17:52:30 yes kidney-...Read More

Is It Possible to Get off Dialysis When A Person Starts

Analysis:Is it possible to get off dialysis when a person starts...Read More

Renal Failure Treatment


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