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Here provides specific illness analysis for patients with kidney (renal) failure by kidney disease experts, which helps kidney disease management and health of kidneys.

Life Expectancy for A Person with 18% Kidney Function

Analysis:I am a patient with kidney disease, and some symptoms are really troubling me a lot, the quality of my life becomes very poor. Now only 18% kidney function is left, and I am really worry about it. Here I would like to know the life expectan...Read More

How Long Is It Before Stage 4 Kidney Failure Develops ESRD

Analysis:Hi, doctor, I am in stage 4 Chronic Kidney Failure, had a kidney transplant 6 years ago. I would like to know how long is it before I am in End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). I cannot seem to get information from my doctor. Your any medical ad...Read More

Is There A Possibility to Manage My Creatinine 4.3

Analysis:Hi, doctor. I am a kidney disease patient with creatinine 4.3. Here I would like to know more about my condition. Is there a possibility to manage my creatinine 4.3? I do not want to experience dialysis treatment. There are many people with...Read More

Treatment for Creatinine 2.8, Urine Protein 2+ and HB 14.3

Analysis:Dear, doctor. Here are some lab test results of my brother: creatinine 2.8, HB 14.3, urine protein 2+, occult blood +, left kidney 7.2cm, left kidney 7.6. Now he is taking some medicines like Ramipril, Sodium Bicarbonate, Febuxostat and Ket...Read More

Medical Advises for Left Kidney 7.6*3.1*3.6cm, Right Kidney 7.2*3.6*3.3 and Creatinine 2.8

Analysis:My son, aged 25, was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis approx one month ago. He has two shrunk kidneys. Left kidney 7.6*3.1*3.6cm, right kidney 7.2*3.6*3.3. Creatinine level from yesterday was 2.8, one month ago was 2.6. The doctor has been...Read More

How to Help My Brother with creatinine level 4.6 and Urine Protein 6g

Analysis:Hi, doctor. My brother is a patient with kidney disease. Now his creatinine level is 4.6mg/dL, and his 24 hours protein in urine is 6gram. We are from Pakistan. I do not want to see he undergoes dialysis treatment one day. Please help him....Read More

Treatment for Creatinine 3.7, GFR 22 and Urea 54

Analysis:Hi, doctor, could you help my son? Here are some items showed on his medical report: creatinine 3.7, GFR 22, urea 54, urine protein 44.2mg/dl, vesicoureteric reflux, right kidney 78*40, left kidney 59*29. Can you give answer it is dangerous...Read More

How to Treat Right Kidney 5.9cm, Left Kidney 5.0cm

Analysis:Here is some information about my test reports: right kidney 5.9cm, left kidney 5.0cm, serum creatinine 9.1mg, blood urea 161.0mg,albumin 3+. The symptoms I am experiencing nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, short of breath, swelling on face,...Read More

Chinese Therapy to Deal with Creatinine 13.37, Urea 172 and HB 13.1

Analysis:Hi, doctor. I am a kidney disease patient from Saudi Arabia, and my name is Ahmed A. Ali. Here is some information about my lab tests: urea 172, creatinine 13.37, potassium 6.51, calcium 7.5, HB 13.1. I undergo dialysis twice weekly. But I...Read More

Creatinine 12, Urea 140 before Dialysis; Creatinine 4.5, Urea 39 after Dialysis

Analysis:Hi, doctor. Here are some numbers about my condition: creatinine 12mg/dl, urea 140 before dialysis; 4.5mg/dl, urea 39 after dialysis treatment. Urine output 500ml. What kind of medical advises will you give? Many thanks....Read More

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