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Here provides specific illness analysis for patients with kidney (renal) failure by kidney disease experts, which helps kidney disease management and health of kidneys.

How to Treat Right Kidney 5.9cm, Left Kidney 5.0cm

Analysis:Here is some information about my test reports: right kidney 5.9cm, left kidney 5.0cm, serum creatinine 9.1mg, blood urea 161.0mg,albumin 3+. The symptoms I am experiencing nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, short of breath, swelling on face,...Read More

Chinese Therapy to Deal with Creatinine 13.37, Urea 172 and HB 13.1

Analysis:Hi, doctor. I am a kidney disease patient from Saudi Arabia, and my name is Ahmed A. Ali. Here is some information about my lab tests: urea 172, creatinine 13.37, potassium 6.51, calcium 7.5, HB 13.1. I undergo dialysis twice weekly. But I...Read More

Creatinine 12, Urea 140 before Dialysis; Creatinine 4.5, Urea 39 after Dialysis

Analysis:Hi, doctor. Here are some numbers about my condition: creatinine 12mg/dl, urea 140 before dialysis; 4.5mg/dl, urea 39 after dialysis treatment. Urine output 500ml. What kind of medical advises will you give? Many thanks....Read More

CKD 4 with Creatinine 302umol/L, BUN 13.6mmol/L And Hypertension

Analysis:I was diagnosed with CKD 4 years ago as my kidney size got smaller due to my hypertension and affected the functions of my kidney. My current lab results are below: creatinine 302umol/L, BUN 13.6mmol/L. Last 4 months ago my creatinine level...Read More

What Is The Natural Treatment to Shrink Cysts

Analysis:Hi, doctor. I am Indonesian, 44 years old. I got Polycystic Kidney Disease for years, now the biggest cyst is 43mm. Luckily I do not get any bad symptoms yet. I would like to know the treatment to shrink cysts. Please help me....Read More

Help ESRD Patients with Diabetes Stop Dialysis

Analysis:Hi, doctor, my mom is 58 years of age, and she has been on diabetes for nearly 20 years. Now the condition has already gone into End Stage Renal Disease. She just started dialysis treatment. Her doctor has recommended her kidney transplant,...Read More

Help My Husband with Kidney Disease, Hypertension and Creatinine 9

Analysis:Hi, doctor. My hubbys both kidneys are affected due to hypertension. He has been on high blood pressure for 5-6 years. Now his creatinine level is 9 something. Could you give us some medical advises to help avoid kidney transplant? Many tha...Read More

Treatment for PKD Patients with Creatinine 467 and Normal Size of Kidneys

Analysis:Hi, doctor. I am a patient with Polycystic Kidney Disease. Here are some items about my medical report: BUN 17, creatinine 467, left kidney:8.7*4.9*1.4cm, right kidney:9.7*5.6*1.6cm. Cysts on the left kidney. What medical advises will you o...Read More

Medical Advises for Right Kidney 87mm and Left Kidney 85mm

Analysis:Hi, doctor. My kidney failure was diagnosed in the month of August 2013. I have no history of diabetes only kidney failure. I have had three more sections of dialysis after the medical report of consultant medical clinic was given to me. Th...Read More

Should Patients with Creatinine Level 2 Begin Dialysis

Analysis:Hi, doctor. My brother has been on diabetes for about 10 years, and recently his creatinine level has increased to 2mg/dL. Should he start dialysis treatment? I need you medical advises....Read More

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