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Illness Analysis

Here provides specific illness analysis for patients with kidney (renal) failure by kidney disease experts, which helps kidney disease management and health of kidneys.

Chinese Medicine Treats FSGS Safely

Analysis:I am a patient with stage 4 CKD caused by FSGS. GFR is 25. Now I am taking Amlodipine and Ramapril. I feel tired all of the time, even after sleep. Could you gi...Read More

Medical Advises for 400ml Urine and No Ammonia Odor in Mouth

Analysis:Hi, doctor. My urine is yellow in color in morning. 400ml with no smell and in rest of day it is light yellowish. No ammonia odor in mouth. Could you give me so...Read More

Treatment for Diabetic Kidney Disease with Creatinine 6.2 and Proteinuria

Analysis:Hi, doctor. My father is a patient with diabetic kidney disease. His creatinine level increases to 6 from 2 within several months. Proteinuria is his another sy...Read More

What to Do with Renal Atrophy and GFR 36

Analysis:Hi, doctor. My father has high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney disease. Here is more information about his condition: GFR 36; bilateral renal atrophy; creat...Read More

Creatinine Increases to 6.2 from 4.4, HB 8.2, BUN 68

Analysis:Hi, doctor. Here is something about my test report: HB 8.2; neutrophil 74 (50-70); blood urea nitrogen 68; creatinine 6.2; calcium 8.4; phosphorus 6.6; choleste...Read More

Creatinine Declines to 4.8 from 6, BUN 60, HB 12.8, Uric Acid 9.4

Analysis:Here is something about my laboratory results. HB 12.8, BUN 60, creatinine decreases from 6 to 4.8, calcium 8.3, uric acid 9.4, urine erythrocyte 20-30, PTH 16....Read More

Kidney Failure, 45 Years, Dialysis

Analysis:My wife, 45 years old, has Chronic Kidney Failure and she is on dialysis now, for both of kidneys are failed. She failed to urinate, since last year, because of...Read More

Foods for Kidney Cysts and How to Shrink Cysts

Analysis:I have two cysts in left kidney, one simple with 4cm and one complex with 6cm. What foods should I avoid and how can I shrink them?...Read More

How to Deal with Relapse of Nephrotic Syndrome

Analysis:Colour- amber; Appearance- turbid; Prottein- ++; Glucose- Negative; Ascorbic acid- ++; Urobilinogen- Normal; Bilirubin- Negative; Ketones- Negative; PH- 6.0; Bl...Read More

Can Ketosteril Lower Creatinine Level in Kidney Failure

Analysis:My doctor prescribed me with ketosteril to help lower creatinine level. Here I want to know whether ketosteril can be helpful, I do not want to experience dialy...Read More

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