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Immunotherapy for kidney disease

Immunotherapy is a latest medical technique in the treatment for kidney diseases. Understand this treatment and how it is applied in treating kidney problems.

Where Can I Get Immunotherapy to Treat Kidney Failure

Chronic kidney failure is a kind of chronic progressive kidney damage to kidney cells and tissues with a wide variety of causes. At present, the basic therapy f...Read More

Best Treatment for Serum Creatinine 8.8, BUN 240 and Proteinuria +++

Serum creatinine 8.8, BUN 240 means that about 90% kidney function has been lost and the patients are in stage 5 kidney failure. Besides, proteinuria +++also me...Read More

How to Deal with Anemia and Fatigue in Stage 4 Kidney Failure

How to deal with anemia and fatigue in stage 4 kidney failure? Anemia and fatigue are the common symptoms of stage 4 kidney failure, which can make the patients...Read More

Kidney Disease And Immune System

The onset, development, progression and recovery of kidney disease have much to do with the patients immune system. From the perspective of immunology, more tha...Read More

Immunotherapy For Kidney Disease

Immunotherapy, as an alternative treatment of kidney problem, treats kidney disease on the basis of causes of kidney damages. It combines estern medicines and w...Read More

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