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Kidney Disease And Immune System

2013-02-23 17:02

The onset, development, progression and recovery of kidney disease have much to do with the patients’ immune system.

From the perspective of immunology, more than 95% kidney diseases is cause by immune disorder and immune dysfunction. Therefore we can see it is very important for kidney disease patients to regulate immune disorders and improve immunity.

Many kidney damages are caused by deposition of immune complexes in the kidneys such as nephrotic syndrome, IgA nephropathy, lupus nephritis, purpura nephritis, etc.

When foreign substances (called antigens) invade the body, antibodies will attack the antigen and form immune complexes. Under normal circumstances, that is say when immune system is normal, these immune complexes can be removed from the body. However in case of immune disorders, these immune complexes can not be removed but stay in the body. They will circulate with blood flow and deposit in the kidneys. It is these immune complexes in the kidneys that induce inflammatory reactions and damage renal intrinsic cells and renal structure. When renal functions are damaged, patients will develop proteinuria, hematuria, swelling, high blood pressure and some will in the end develop renal failure if renal damages can not be reversed.

Immunotherapy is a new therapy based on this theory. It is a scientific and systemic treatment consisting of 6 steps---immune diagnosis, immune clearance, immune blocking, immune tolerance, immune regulation and immune protection.

Immune diagnosis can make clear the amount, type and location of immune complexes in the kidney so as to know where the renal lesions are and the severity of renal damages. It is not only the conventional tests and examinations but also include advanced immune diagnostic methods.

Immune clearance is to remove immune complexes in the blood so as to purify the blood stream and provide favorable internal environment for following medicines and treatments to take effects.

Immune blocking and immune tolerance is to suppress inflammations in the kidneys and prevent further renal damages.

Immune regulation and immune protection is to repair renal damages and improve kidney functions, regulating immune disorder and enhancing immunity.

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