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Immunotherapy For Kidney Disease

2013-02-15 11:05

Immunotherapy, as an alternative treatment of kidney problem, treats kidney disease on the basis of causes of kidney damages. It combines estern medicines and western medicines, so Immunotherapy shows better treatment effects in fighting against kidney disease. The whole treatment process of Immunotherapy can be clinically divided into six steps and to understand these six steps well, let's learn the root causes of kidney disease firstly.

What causes kidney diseases?

Once a clinical study shows that about 95% kidney diseases can be attributed to abnormal immune system or poor immunity. We human being can be free from surrounding bacterium and viruses owing to our strong immune system. However, once our immune system becomes abnormal or immunity is too poor, we become susceptible to surrounding harmful substances which are clinically called antigen.

When antigen invade our body, antibody is secreted to eliminate it. Antibody combines with antigen and form immune complex. Immune complex circulate with blood and should be normally discharged by our body, however, due to abnormal immune system, immune complexes can not be excreted and they may deposit in any part of our body. When they deposit in kidney, immune response occur to protect our kidney. Immune response is a normal medical condition, however, in some conditions, it becomes drastic and abnormal, as a result of which, kidney damages are caused.

How does Immunotherapy treat kidney problem ?

As we have mentioned above, Immunotherapy can be divided into six steps and each step focus on different purposes.

Step one: Immune diagnosis. Severity of kidney problem is closely related with the type and amount of immune complex as well as the exact location of immune complexes deposit. Therefore, before doctor prescribe medicines, they need to found out the type and amount of immune complex as well as the exact location of immune complexes. Only with a clear understanding about kidney damages, can we stop kidney disease fundamentally and effectively.

Step two: Immune blocking. Immune response is the direct cause of kidney damages, so blocking immune response is the most direct and effective method to prevent further kidney damages. In this step, some immunosuppressive agents are applied to achieve this purpose.

Step three: Immune tolerance. The main goal of this step is to make our kidney live together with immune complexes for a while. Immune response occurs because immune complexes deposit in kidney, so clearing immune complexes away is the root solution to prevent reoccurrence of immune response. However, as immune complexes can not be cleared over night, it is necessary for our kidney to coexist with immune complex.

Step four: Immune regulation. With abnormal immune system and poor immunity, more and more immune complexes will be formed and also more and more immune complexes will deposit in kidney. To prevent further deposition in kidney, regulating patient's immune system back to normal and then increasing their immunity is very essential.

Step five: Immune clearance. In this step, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and other Chinese medicines are applied. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmsotherapy has function to against inflammation, expand blood vessels, against coagulation and degrading extracellular matrixes. Under effects of these function, immune complexes depositing in the kidney can be removed little by little.

Step six: Immune protection. When our immune system is strong enough, we are free from surrounding pathologenic factors again. In step six, Chinese medicines that can eliminate eliminate pathogenic factor and support genuine Qi are applied to protect patients' kidney from being damaged again.

We know western medicines and estern medicines treat kidney problem in different ways and also they show different treatment effects. Through combining the advantageous of them, treatment effects can be more obvious.

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