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Is Shrinking of One Kidney Serious

2015-03-18 16:06

Is Shrinking of One Kidney SeriousIs shrinking of one kidney serious? some people only have one kidney when they was born, but they can live a normal life as common people. Kidney has strong compensatory function, there are only one tenth kidney tissues working and rest of them are in the rest, preparing for the next work. This is why, even if the kidney are damaged, but patients sometimes know nothing about their condition.

Although patients with one shrinking kidneys live a normal life, the timely and effective treatment also is necessary for the kidney fail to self-healing and the kidney damage would go on. When the remaining kidney function are declined less into 50% of the normal, the wastes can not be excreted effectively, the water-electrolyte is disturbed and the internal secretion is mass, patients would suffer more complications and symptoms which cause pain to patients and shorten the life of patients.

Kidney shrinkage is caused by kidney ischemia hypoxia and ultra immune responses in kidneys which are leaded by the blood prolusion. Traditional Chinese Treatment is the special treatment in China, it is Chinese herbal medicine-majored, through many kinds of applying medicine ways, such as acupuncture, steaming, foot bath, smearing, hot compress, oral decoction and so on, the active substances in medicine can enter into body fully and come into play effectively.

The therapies supplement each other, working on together to expending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, removing blood clots and cleaning toxins in blood. With the healthy and smooth blood circulation, many symptoms can be remitted. In addition, the kidney ischemia hypoxia and ultra immune responses can be blocked and kidney function also an be improved with enough pure blood perfusion.

All in all, our treatment can help patients stop the kidney shrinking effectively. And now, if you want to know more information about our Traditional Chinese Treatment for kidney disease, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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