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What are The Early Symptoms of Kidney Disease in Women

2013-09-28 16:59

What are The Early Symptoms of Kidney Disease in WomenIn recent years, on account of the quickening pace of modern life and the stress at work, women are more easily to suffer from kidney disease. However, when kidney disease is found which has already developed into the serious late kidney disease. From this phenomenon, we may have the two questions why we haven’t found it in the early stage and what the early symptoms of kidney disease are in women on earth. The following may give you answers.

We know that the clinical symptoms of kidney disease are generally hidden, which leads to kidney disease difficultly to find by women. So learning the early symptoms of kidney disease for women is very important and urgent. The following are some early symptoms of kidney disease for women. We hope some points can help you.

1 Abnormal urine

Because of the decrease of kidney function, kidney disease patients may have symptoms like oliguria (the amount of urine is less then 400ml in 24 hours) or anuria. If patients take diuretics, the phenomenon of polyuria may appear. Besides, renal failure can also lead to some symptoms like increased nocturia and urinary retention. If glomerulus is damaged, hematuresis, pyuria and proteinuria may appear. Proteinuria is greater than 3.5 g/day, which is an important characteristic of glomerular proteinuria.

2 Renal colic

Renal colic is the severe kidney area pain suddenly which is intermittent, continued and even paroxysmal increase. A part of patients may show atypical renal colic which colic lighter or alleviate quickly. Renal area pain is more performed as swelling pain or dull pain which is persistence and internal heaviness.

3 High blood pressure

Because of the damage of renal blood vessels or renal parenchyma, some kidney disease patients may have high blood pressure.

Through the above introduction, some women may know a lot about what the early symptoms of kidney disease in them. If they pay more attention to the early symptoms of kidney disease and find the renal lesions timely, the treatment of kidney disease will be greatly improved. If you have other questions about kidney, please contact us by email or leave your message below, we are look forward to your asking.

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