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What are the Symptoms when Kidney Cyst Ruptures

2013-10-05 16:53

What are the Symptoms when Kidney Cyst RupturesGenerally speaking, when a kidney cyst becomes more than 3cm, it may rupture. The main reason is due to the pressure from the kidney, which causes kidney ischemia hypoxia. To this phenomenon, if patients don’t treat it in time, they are more easily to get serious infection. However, how can we know whether our kidney cyst ruptures? There are some symptoms may appear when kidney cyst ruptures.

1 Blood urine

Blood urine is the major symptom when kidney cyst ruptures. At this moment, your urine will become red, which is called blood urine or hematuria in clinic. Generally speaking, the symptom of blood urine caused by ruptured kidney cyst will only last several days and then it will disappear.

2 Acute kidney failure

The urine output is suddenly stopped due to the blockage of vascular injury and kidney damage. Therefore, kidney function will drop rapidly, which leads to acute kidney failure easily.

3 Kidney pain

Because kidney cyst oppresses nerves seriously, kidney pain will occur. However, when kidney cyst ruptures, kidney pain also can occur. In general, kidney cyst is filled with yellow liquids and once kidney cyst ruptures, liquids will flow here and there, which may lead to kidney infection. The infection can spread to other areas of the body, which may damage patients’ body seriously. When kidney cyst is infected, patients often have some symptoms like chills, fever and lumbago, sometimes accompanied by urinary frequency, urgency or painful urination. Generally speaking, kidney pain not only occurs in kidney, but also in the abdomen, hips and two sides of waists.

4 Peritonitis

Peritonitis occurs easily when kidney cyst ruptures, especially when a cyst growing in the outer part of kidney which be ruptured.

Through the above introduction, patients must have a certain understanding about what are the symptoms when kidney cyst ruptures. For patients, they should be ahead of time to prevent the phenomenon of kidney cyst rupturing and prevent enlargement of the kidney cyst. Moreover, when kidney cyst ruptures, patients should take the right measures to deal with this phenomenon.

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