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The Symptoms in Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

2013-10-11 10:32

Chronic kidney disease stage3 is the most critical stage to patients. If they don’t treat kidney disease in time, it is more likely to develop into the situation in which patients need to receive dialysis or kidney transplant. So it is more important to notice the early symptoms of chronic kidney disease in case the disease becomes more and more serious, even threaten their life. The following introduces some main symptoms of chronic kidney disease, we hope it can help you greatly.

1. High blood pressure

High blood pressure is the force of the blood against the blood vessel walls. There are many reasons can lead to the high blood pressure and on this occasion, kidney plays an important role in keeping the level of blood pressure. When kidney is damaged or the function of kidney reduces, a lot of wastes and liquids build up in the body, which can Increase the volume of blood. Thus the force to the blood vessel walls strengthens, so resulting in the high blood pressure.

2. Anemia

As is known to us that kidney can secrete various hormones including erythropoietin which helps the bone marrow make new red blood cells. If the kidney function reduces, they don’t release enough erythropoietin, which resulting in fewer red blood cells. A low red blood cell count is a condition called anemia. Some kidney experts say that anemia often appears in the chronic kidney disease stage 3.

3. Fluid Retention

Kidney also has the function to discharge excess fluids out of the body. When the kidney is not able to function properly, excess fluids may stay in the body, which can cause edema easily. If patients don’t treat it in time, this condition may trigger a serious of complications. Patients should pay close attention to it.

In a word, if you find any symptom in chronic kidney disease stage3, without hesitation and see the doctor immediately. If you want to know some natural therapies or diet therapies as quickly as possible, please contact us by phone or leave your massage below, we are glad to help you.

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