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What Are Complications Caused by Renal Cyst

2013-10-14 16:46

At present, renal cyst is one of the kidney diseases seen commonly in our daily life. As living standards have improved, the incidence of renal cyst rises sharply day by day. However, because this disease doesn’t have any obvious symptoms in the early stage, many patients failed to treat it in the best time, the result is various complications caused by renal cyst appear constantly, which not only brings patients a lot pain, but also affects their life seriously. So what complications caused by renal cyst on earth, now, follow us.

1. Urinary Tract Infection

As we all know that kidney is a part of the urinary system in our body and when patients suffering from renal cyst failed to treat in time, which may affect urinary system easily. What is more, when cyst infection or abscess occurs around kidney, this is also likely to bring patients with urinary tract infection easily.

2. Kidney Stone

Part of kidney stones is one of the complications of renal cyst. When increased pain or blood urine appears, patients should be cautious that kidney stone will occur.

3. Cyst Cancerization

Except the above two complications, scientific research shows that renal cyst is a disease which may become cancerous sometime. When these situations like pain in renal area, hematuria rule changes, losing weight or anemia appear, patients should be careful that they may have cancerous cyst. At this moment, you must be sure to do CT examination timely.

4. Hydronephrosis

When renal cyst enlarges to a certain size, calyces and renal pelvis will expand and finally hydronephrosis may appear as well.

In conclusion, the above are some main complications caused by renal cyst. Because there are still other complications can be caused by renal cyst, patients should pay close attention to it and see doctors as early as possible. Of course, if you want to know some natural therapies of renal cyst, please contact us as soon as possible, you can also chat with our online doctors who will reply you immediately.

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