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Itchy Skin and Kidney Function

2013-10-17 15:58

Itchy Skin and Kidney FunctionKidney experts tell us that itchy skin is one of the main symptoms of decreased kidney function or even the early stage of kidney failure. Actually, because a variety of reasons like anaphylaxis or endocrine disorder also can lead to itchy skin, most of patients with kidney disease often ignore it in their daily life and finally result in kidney failure.

This is a bothersome symptom which affects patients’ life seriously. It is necessary to find out why decreased kidney function can cause itchy skin and how to treat it effectively.

Why decreased kidney function can cause itchy skin?

As we all know that kidney has the function to discharge excessive wastes such as creatinine, urea nitrogen and other toxins out of the body. However, when kidney function fails to work properly, these wastes will accumulate in the body, which may not only threat other internal organs, but also stimulate skin in face, back or the whole body, finally cause itchy skin directly.

With itchy skin, we cannot concentrate on what we are doing and we even have to be awake the whole night which have a serious influence on the daily life of patients.

Since itchy skin is so troublesome to patients, we must find out some methods to remove or remit it earlier in order to live a better life.

How to deal with itchy skin caused by decreased kidney function?

1. Daubing some antipruritic liquid medicines or taking some antipruritic medicines. This method is very effective to alleviate itchy skin, but unfortunately, it is temporary.

2. Do some proper exercise and have a regularly bath.

3. Keep an optimistic mood and avoid anxiety.

4. Above all, we must improve kidney function as normal level firstly. There, we want to recommend a natural therapy known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which can repair your damaged kidney from the root.

Finally, if you want to know more about this therapy, please contact us by phone or chat with our online doctors, we are glad to help you.

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