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Loss Of Hair Due To Kidney Failure

2013-10-28 10:40

Loss Of Hair Due To Kidney FailureIt is well known that when kidneys fail to work properly, there are a wide variety of negative effects on the body’s systems. In addition to impacting the removal of wastes from the body and causing fluid imbalances, loss of hair may occur too. When kidney was damaged seriously and the illness condition has already developed into end stage kidney failure, loss of hair not only have many bad influences on your daily life, but also affects patients’ healthy body to a large degree. So is their loss of hair due to kidney failure? How does it occur ? Here you may get the answer that you want to make clear.

The causes of loss of hair due to kidney failure

Learn more about the causes resulted in loss of hair due to kidney failure are very beneficial to the following treatment. Generally speaking, the following two reasons can lead to kidney patients’ loss of hair easily.

1. Lack of water

As we all know that in the stage of kidney failure, patients’ urine becomes less than before usually, so most of them are suggested to limit the water intake in their daily life. On this occasion, dry and itchy skin as well as hair problems are easy to occur.

2. Lack of protein

Kidney experts tell us that hair is made up of protein. However, patients with kidney failure are recommended to have a low protein diet, this is because excessive protein will become the burden of kidneys and even worsen the kidney conditions. So some patients nearly avoid all of protein that can easily cause loss of hair.

In conclusion, If you are suffering from kidney failure now and your hair is losing slowly day by day, we suggest you to make a new diet plan that contains rich nutrition and adopt some effective treatments to repair your damaged kidney as soon as possible. Of course, you can also chat with our online experts that may help you greatly.

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