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Treatment for Anemia in CKD Stage 4

2014-01-17 18:23

Treatment for Anemia, CKD Stage 4What is the treatment for anemia? In clinical, the treatments for anemia mainly adopt two types which are the drug therapy and the transfusion treatment to treat anemia in CKD stage 4. While, As to treatment for anemia in CKD stage 4, perhaps, Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is your best choice.

At present, anemia is a very common disease caused by many reasons. But the basic reason is that the renal function getting damaged. Also the degree of anemia is often related to the degree of damaged renal function. While the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can repair and improve the injured kidney from the root. How does this treatment for anemia perform?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is called "green therapy". This treatment for anemia adopt herbal medicine which can directly restore and improve the renal function to promote blood circulation. After that, the damaged kidney can get improvement and then produce erythropoietin (EPO) to stimulate the production of red blood cells. In this way, the symptom of anemia can disappear finally. What is more, it will not cause any side effects. By this treatment for anemia in CKD stage 4, the patients can receive unexpected result.

Everybody knows the western drug therapy has some side affects. For the transfusion treatment, the patients need to look for the same blood type. Besides this, blood in the body maybe infected by transfusion treatment. On the contrary, these phenomenons will not happen to Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for anemia in CKD stage 4.

The patients with anemia in CKD stage 4 also should pay attention to dietary supplements. But some foods may not be allowable for the damaged kidneys.

Most importantly, receiving proper treatment is the critical factor for the patients. So if you want more information about the treatment for anemia in CKD stage 4, welcome to consult our online experts or leave us a message below. It is certain that you can get the free advice within 48 hours.

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