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How to Deal with Poor Appetite in Stage 4 Kidney Disease

2014-03-05 22:33

How to Deal with Poor Appetite in Stage 4 Kidney DiseasePeople who suffer from poor appetite in stage 4 kidney disease will experience many discomforts, such as fatigue, nausea, weight loss, etc, which will badly affect the life quality. Then how to deal with poor appetite in stage 4 kidney disease?

Do you know why will you undergo poor appetite?

In stage 4 kidney disease, the kidney function is severely damaged. As a consequence, kidneys fails to perform the most important function--to filter the toxins in blood. So the toxins will build up in blood, which will stimulate the intestinal tract, causing nausea and vomit, and you will develop poor appetite. This is the main cause of poor appetite.

Some people will be attacked by acidosis, which can also contribute to poor appetite.

How to deal with poor appetite in stage 4 kidney disease?

To discharge the toxins in blood is the most direct way to help alleviate poor appetite. Once toxins are removed out, there will be no stimulation to the intestinal tract. So your appetite will be increased. The Chinese medicine can achieve better effect in this aspect. Enema therapy and orally taken Chinese medicine can all drain the pathogenic factors out. At the same time, the herbs used in these therapies will replenish some necessary substances to tonify blood.

To improve kidney function is the basic method to treat poor appetite. Once kidney function is improved, your kidneys will do work normally. Therefore, the toxins will be discharged naturally. Hot Compress Therapy is your best choice if you want to improve kidney function. It is also developed from the traditional Chinese medicine. The externally application enables it achieve better effects. The herbs will be permeated into kidney lesions directly with an osmosis device.

After a period of treatment, your damaged kidney cells will be repaired and the original qi will be elevated.

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