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Does Stage 4 Kidney Disease Make Sleep Problem

2014-03-15 23:21

Does Stage 4 Kidney Disease Make Sleep ProblemIt is estimated that as many as 80% patients with stage 4 kidney disease suffer from sleep problem. Why people will have difficulty in falling asleep? This passage will give you the explantation.

Sleep problems at night have a bad influence on patients’ health and life quality. During our sleep at night, our body will do a lot works to maintain the normal operation. Metabolic function will continue at night. When kidneys have problems, it will affect the normal metabolism. In addition, lack of sleep will also lower the immunity. Therefore, your kidney disease will not run well in recovery. Sleep problems in patients with stage 4 kidney disease are attributed to many causes.

Itchy skin.

Many patients will be attacked by itchy skin in stage 4 kidney disease because of waste accumulation in blood, such as high creatinine, high BUN, etc. Itchy skin is a troublesome problem, the feeling of which will be more obvious at night. It can be local or creep in the whole body.

Muscle cramps.

In stage 4 kidney disease., kidneys fails to keep balance of electrolyte. Usually, the phosphorus and calcium is at a certain level. When phosphorus is elevated, calcium will be lowered. The lack of calcium will conduce to muscle cramps, which will wake you up at night.

Restless leg syndrome.

It is reported that about 60%-80% people with CKD will be affected by restless leg syndrome. It is an irresistible urge to move the legs and it is worse at night. Only after moving can it be relieved. So it heavily affect the sleep quality.

Mental burden.

Most of the people with kidney disease do not live as we normal people. They are often loaded with heavy mental burden. Being depressed, fearful, self-abased, it is not easy for them to fall asleep or they are easy to wake up at midnight.

If you are troubled by sleep problem in stage 4 kidney disease, you should consult your doctor for better solution or it will worsen your health condition. You are also welcomed to contact our doctor by send an email to and they will provide you some natural remedies. Best wishes!

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