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Do You Feel Tired Due to Anemia in Stage 4 Kidney Disease

2014-03-25 19:40

Do You Feel Tired Due to Anemia in Stage 4 Kidney Disease  Do you suffer from stage 4 kidney disease? Do you have the symptom of anemia? Do you feel tired due to anemia? Do not worry, this passage will provide you some solutions.

In stage 4 kidney disease, kidney functions are severely damaged. So kidneys are no longer able to perform as they used to be. Some functions like secreting EPO will be affected. EPO is an important hormone which used to help kidneys bone marrow to produce red blood cells. Once kidneys are damaged, EPO secretion will be reduced. As a consequence, red blood cells production will not be enough. The short supply of red blood cells will lead to anemia, featured as tiredness.

This is the main reason of anemia in stage 4 kidney disease. Actually, anemia exists when the disease starts, but it worsens with the development of the disease. Being tired, your daily life must have been seriously affected. But do not worry, there are solutions.

Your doctor must have told you to eat more foods that rich in iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid, which can help make red blood cells. Go on following this kind of diet, it is helpful to your condition.

What I want to tell you is not about the diet, but the natural remedy that can solve the problem from the root, that is to improve kidney function and increase the production of red blood cells. It is called Hot Compress Therapy, developed from the traditional Chinese medicine. This therapy is different from the Chinese medicine as you imagined. It is externally used with an osmosis device. If you want to know how it functions exactly, you can send an email to for further consultation.

What functions does this therapy have? It can help repair the damaged kidney cells, promote blood circulation and restore the original kidney structure. So kidney function will be improved. Then the red blood supply will be increased. What’s more, after taking this therapy, you will feel full of energy. If you have any interests in this therapy, you can contact me by leaving a message below. I will provide you more information about this therapy.

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