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Itchy Skin Makes Poor Life Quality in Stage 4 Kidney Disease

2014-04-11 02:42

Itchy Skin Makes Poor Life Quality in Stage 4 Kidney Disease  Many people are complaining of itchy skin in stage 4 kidney disease. This annoying problem has greatly reduced the life quality. Why will people suffer from this symptom? Do you have this symptom? Follow me to find the solutions to it.

When the disease progresses into stage 4, kidney function is severely damaged. Kidneys play an important part in keeping the body healthy. When kidneys are impaired, kidney function will decline. Then a series of problems will follow as a consequence, such as nausea, vomiting, swelling, muscle cramps, anemia and so on. Itchy skin is also in the list. It is a result of the accumulation of toxins, which are supposed to be discharged by kidneys. If kidneys are damaged, the toxins will accumulate in blood. Some of the them will be discharged through sweeting and deposit on the skin. Then itchy skin will happen. Besides, if you are taking dialysis, the feeling of itchy will be more obvious.

Suffering from itchy skin is really a troublesome thing. It will make you can not concentrate on anything. At night, the itching feeling will wake you up. The life quality with itchy skin is really poor. Here are some suggestions to help you relieve this feeling.

- Do not scratch the itch for not to break the skin. If the skin is broken, it will cause infection.

- High phosphorus level in blood is also a contributor of itchy skin. So you are suggested to develop a healthy diet by controlling the phosphorus level you take.

- Try to avoid hot water bath, which will stimulate the skin increase the itchy feeling.

- Take natural treatment, such as medicated bath, Hot Compress Therapy to enhance kidney function and cure itchy skin.

Keep these tips in mind and the itchy skin will be relieved a lot. If you have other questions, you can send me an email to for consultation.

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