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Causes of Headache with Kidney Failure

2014-05-14 01:58

Causes of Headache with Kidney FailureMany kidney failure patients complain that they often suffer from headache. Headache affects people’s life badly and it may cause other diseases. While, headache is a common symptom of kidney failure. Let’s discuss the causes of headache with kidney failure next.

High blood pressure

Many kidney failure patients suffer from the symptom of high blood pressure, which is also the main cause of chronic kidney disease. The secretion of renin will be affected with the decline of kidney function. So kidney cannot regulate blood pressure normally and lead to high blood pressure. It will stimulate nerves in your body and cause headache.


Anemia is also a symptom of kidney failure. On the one hand, the impaired kidney can not produce the proper amount of erythropoietin, which is beneficial for the production of red blood cells. On the other hand, waste and toxin in the blood will shorten the life span of red blood cells. In this condition, anemia occurs. It may decrease the amount of oxygen to the brain and cause headache.

Side effects of medication

Many medications have side effects, such as corticosteroids and hypotensive drugs. These medicines will lead to headache.

Low immunity

Many kidney failure patients will use immunosuppressor to treat their disease. It can relieve the condition of inflammation though, it will lower the immunity of us and cause cold and fever. Headache is a common symptom of these diseases.


Most patients have known that dialysis has a lot of side effects, headache is one of them. It occurs because of the rapid fluctuation of blood pressure, electrolyte disorder or change dialyzate.

We must take different steps to treat headache because of the different causes. Some painkillers have nephrotoxicity, so you had better follow the instructions of your doctor.

In a word, we should treat kidney disease, which is the root of headache. If you have problems about the causes of headache with kidney failure or treatment, you can consult us by emailing to You are not alone with headache in kidney failure, we are here to help all the time. Best wishes!

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