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Ammonia Smell in End-Stage Renal Disease and Severe Diabetes

2014-05-30 11:00

Ammonia Smell in End-Stage Renal Disease and Severe DiabetesWhen some patients with severe diabetes are suffering from End-Stage Renal Disease, they are often troubled by ammonia smell in their mouth. Thus, they may cause self-abased psychology and be afraid to talk with others in a short distance and even isolate themselves from friends and family, which is bad for their illness conditions. So, what should they do with ammonia smell in End-Stage Renal Disease and severe diabetes?

Why they have ammonia smell in End-Stage Renal Disease?

Normal kidneys have strong compensatory function, and we do not have obvious symptoms until our kidney function loses more than 50%. Long term diabetes can cause damage to the tiny blood vessels in your kidney and cause kidney disease. While End-Stage Renal Disease means that your kidney damage is very severe. Due to the damaged kidney, most of the metabolic products can not be filtered out and accumulate in body, such as urea nitrogen. And the urease in the bacteria in the intestines can decompose urea into ammonia, which can stimulate gastrointestinal mucous membrane and cause ammonia smell in mouth.

How to treat ammonia smell in End-Stage Renal Disease and severe diabetes?

Once suffering from ammonia smell, the patients should receive the proper treatment properly. But maybe you are worried about the right treatment. Because the western medicine can not treat your disease from root, you can try some natural treatments. Justly, in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we have many natural treatments, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, medicated bath, oral medicines and so on. Besides, we can use some quick treatment to purify your blood, such as Blood Pollution, Blood purification, etc. Because your kidney disease is caused by severe diabetes, it is necessary to control your blood glucose and blood pressure. Besides, you need to do a good oral nursing and prevent infection.

After our treatment, you can feel obvious relaxed, and your ammonia smell in mouth will be improved greatly. So, though you are suffering from ammonia smell in End-Stage Renal Disease and severe diabetes, do not give up, new hope is coming.

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