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How to Treat the Constipation in CKD

2014-12-28 11:19

How to Treat the Constipation in CKDWhy some CKD patients suffer from constipation? CKD patients with constipation are often accompanied with high blood sugar for high blood sugar can lead to the gastrointestinal vegetative nerve damage, so CKD patients will experience the poor gastric motility and gastric emptying delay. And constipation can lead to the increase of toxins in body, causing more serious high blood sugar and other tissues problems. So CKD patients must pay more attention to their physical condition and have a timely treatment for their constipation.

Natural remedies for CKD patients remitting constipation

Patients should keep a strict lifestyle, especially in the diet aspect. Patients should quit smoking and limit amount of liquor, and balance their daily diet which should be light foods-majored. In their daily diet, patients can eat more coarse foods, vegetables and fruits which are rich in vitamin b1, benefiting to protect gastrointestinal nerves and promote the enterocinesia. And patients also can have proper exercises to boost their strength of abdomen.

Medicine treatment for CKD patients with constipation

If it is necessary, patients must take some medicines to help them, but the large dosage and strong effect medicine are not recommended in case of diarrhea. And patients should not depend on the medicine for long time use of these medicine can loose the intestinal muscle which can lead to more serious constipation.

CKD patients who want to get rid of constipation from root must reverse their kidney function and adjust their blood sugar. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the common way we used to reverse kidney function, it has the functions of expending blood vessels to promote blood circulation, anti-inflammatory and anti-freezing through clean the wastes in body and degrading extra cellular matrix to broken the lesion environment. When there is smooth and fresh blood flowing into kidney, the kidney damage can be stopped and kidney function also can be improved with the increased blood perfusion.

When the kidney function is reversed, the metabolism activities of human body also can be promoted, so the blood sugar also can be controlled more easily. If you want to know more information about our treatment for CKD, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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