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Signs and Symptoms of Decreased Kidney Function in CKD

2015-01-16 17:09

Signs and Symptoms of Decreased Kidney Function in CKDKidney has functions of excreting extra water and metabolism wastes out of body, secreting some elements to support normal activities , adjusting blood pressure and so on. With kidney function decreasing, all systems and organs of human body will be influenced, leading to varied clinic symptoms. But generally speaking, before the renal insufficient, CKD patients with the kidney function more than 50% usually live a normal life like common people. But patients with less than 50 %, some signs will appear.

Water metabolism disorders: patients maybe suffer water retention or dehydration. With the decline of urine diluted function and unlimited fluids intake, patients will suffer edema caused by fluids retention; with the decline of urine concentration function, patients will suffer symptoms such as diuresis and enuresis nocturna, leading to dehydration.

Sodium metabolism disorder: when there are too many nephrons injured, the remaining GFR fail to filtrate the sodium. With the increase of sodium and body fluids, the cells are to easy suffer polarized state, leading to neuromuscular dysfunctions such as muscle cramp and weakness, and it also can lead to high blooe pressure.

Potassium metabolism condition: CKD patients are easy to suffer from hyperkalemia which can lead to heart disease.

Phosphorus metabolism condition: with the kidney function decline, the PTH level will increase, which can can inhibit the renal tubules absorption of phosphorus and promote the bone calcium releasing and intestinal reabsorbing calcium to remitting hypocalcemia, which fail to compensate when the further kidney function decline occur and phosphorus level get more higher. At this time, patients maybe suffer from itching, bone disease, muscle cramp and so on.

Magnesium metabolism disorders: the high magnesium can lead to lethargy, speech disorder, loss of appetite, low blood pressure, weakness and so on.

Except these metabolism disorders we mentioned, CKD also can lead to other tissues and systems disorders. And you must pay more attention to the physical changes which signs you kidney function condition. And if you want to know more about CKD symptoms and treatment, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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