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Throw up in Renal Failure: Cause and Treatment

2015-03-22 11:45

Throw up in Renal Failure: Cause and TreatmentKidneys are responsibility of excreting metabolism wastes, balancing water-electrolyte and adjusting internal secretion. When people are attacked by renal failure, many complications and symptoms would occur. Throw up is one of the common symptom of renal failure. Here would list the cause and treatment for patients, which can help you a lot.

The cause of throw up in renal failure:

Throw up is related with the high BUN level for renal failure patients. with the Low GFR, the urine nitrogen can not be metabolized by the kidneys. When the urine are diffused into intestinal tract, at the work of bacterial enzymes in intestinal tract, it can be degraded into ammonia. The ammonia would enter into mouth with the digestive tract, pulmonary circulation and body fluids circulation, the bad taste would nauseate patients, leading to throw up.

The treatment for throw up in renal failure:

Of cause, throw up also may be caused by gastrointestinal Tract Infection. So the clear check up is necessary for renal failure patients with throw up to have a target treatment.

If the throw up is caused by high BUN, renal failure patients should try their best to reverse their kidney function and lower the BUN level. Traditional Chinese Treatment is the best choice for renal failure patients, here list the representative treatment for you.

Streaming therapy. the active substances in medicine can enter into body with the medicine steam through the expended pores along certain acupoints, working on expending blood vessels and promoting blood circulation of body surface, at the same time, patients would sweat a lot, which also means the toxins cleaning.

Foot bath. The acupoints on feet are related with the whole body, so through foot bath, patients also can promote blood circulation and remove blood clots.

Our Traditional Chinese Treatment can making sure the blood in circulation is healthy and smooth, so that throw up can be remitted and kidney function also can be improved. Now if you want to know more information about our treatment for renal failure, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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