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Low Blood Pressure in Kidney Failure: Cause and Treatment

2015-03-22 14:18

Low Blood Pressure in Kidney Failure: Cause and TreatmentHigh blood pressure is the common symptom of kidney failure, however, at some conditions, kidney failure patients also bear the low blood pressure which also can accumulate the development of the disease. The severe pains of low blood pressure such as dizziness, nausea and so on also urge patients to know the cause and treatment.

The cause of low blood pressure in kidney failure:

For kidney failure patients, low blood pressure usually is related with the long time of use of hypertension medicine; in addition, dialysis also bring complication of low blood pressure due to the insufficient blood perfusion.

The treatment for low blood pressure in kidney failure:

For kidney failure patients with low blood pressure, the proper sports and nutrition are necessary to boost the immunity and promote blood circulation.

Traditional Chinese Treatment is a good choice for kidney failure patients, the specific therapies in our hospital include steaming therapy, hot compress, acupuncture, oral decoction and so on. And these therapies are Chinese herbs-majored, according to the specific physical conditions of patients, the therapies, kinds and dosages of herbs are given to patients. Then how dose them work on human body and treating kidney disease?

Oral decoction. The active substances in medicine has functions of absorbing and crashing toxins in blood and then activate phagocyte to swollen the broken matters, so that the blood can be health.

Hot compress. The medicine is applied on the kidney regions externally, and the active substances in medicine can work on expending blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-freezing and degrading extra cellular matrix. With the help of the medicines, the kidney damage can be blocked and kidney function also can be promoted.

Foot bath. The acupoints on feet are related with the whole body tissues, so foot bath is the effective treatment for promoting blood circulation to remove blood clots.

When the blood is smooth and healthy, symptoms of blow blood pressure can be remitted, kidney damage also can be blocked and kidney function also can be promoted. And now if you want to know more information about, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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