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Can Anemia be Relived Completely in Kidney Failure

2015-05-04 15:42

Can Anemia be Relived Completely in Kidney FailureAlmost of all of patients will suffer from anemia. This makes patients feel tired, headache. Can anemia be relived completely in kidney failure? This question concerns patients most.

Before knowing the treatment of anemia in kidney failure, it is necessary to make it clear that the causes of anemia in kidney failure.

in normal condition, the kidneys are responsible to make a hormone called erythropoietin. Erythropoietin helps the bone marrow to produce the amount of red blood cells that the body needs to carry oxygen to brain and kidneys.

When the kidneys are damaged by deposition of toxic substances and extra fluid, the ability that kidney make erythropoietin is decreasing. As a result, the bone marrow makes few red blood cells to brain and kidneys.

Anemia often get worse along with the deteriorating of kidney disease.

For patients with kidney disease, it is important to treat anemia because there are many risks to suffer from anemia. The treatment also makes patients feel better for example, fatigue, headache also can be alleviated correspondingly. And the underlying causes of anemia should focus on the underlying causes. Therefore, patients should attach more importance to know how to help the kidney make more erythropoietin. Only by this mean, erythropoietin can be relived fundamentally.

Due to the natural, safe and effective effects, more and more people are choosing Traditional Chines Medicine to deal with kidney disease. And many experts in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital make great innovations on Traditional Chinese Medicine finally come up with a creative treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

This is a therapy used externally, it has been proved to be effective that is better than oral form of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In order to improve its efficiency, the Chinese herbs contained in this therapy should be refined into powder and then, collected into two medicated bags that is heated by particular machine. Patients just need to lie down on the two medicated bags, with the help of osmotic machine, the active substances can come out and penetrate into kidney lesions directly. The Chinese herbs can achieve the function are promoting blood circulation, extending blood vessels, dredging extracellular matrix, reliving inflammation and coagulation in blood vessels, recover their normal function gradually.

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