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Can Chronic Kidney Disease Cause Skin Itching

2015-05-22 10:15

Can Chronic Kidney Disease Cause Skin ItchingChronic Kidney Disease is a condition in which your kidneys gradually lose its ability to function well. If the kidney disease gets worse, you may develop a series of symptoms and complications, such as high blood pressure, anemia and skin itching and so on. So Chronic Kidney Disease can cause skin itching. More importantly, for this moment, how to alleviate skin itching in Chronic Kidney Disease?

The accumulation of toxic substances and wastes products may be the biggest contributor for skin itching in Chronic Kidney Disease. In generally, the kidneys play essential role for patients to remove out the toxic substances and wastes products out of body. When the kidneys are unable to work well, lots of toxic substances and wastes products begin to deposit in the body. Skin itching and severe skin itching occurs easily.

High phosphorus level in blood. The kidneys also are responsible to keep electrolyte level into balance. When there is disorders in the kidneys, high phosphorus and low calcium level occurs easily.

The most fundamental reason why that patients suffer from skin itching is because there is damage on the kidneys. So the treatment for skin itching is should focus on the underlying causes.

Dialysis is commonly experienced for patients with kidney disease to remove out the toxic substances as well as wastes products out of body by filtering blood.

After many years’ practice, the natural treatments in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital have been proved to be effective in reliving the poisoning symptoms, because it mainly aims at improving kidney function. The natural treatments make it possible to extend blood vessels, promote blood vessels, deliver sufficient blood and oxygen to the kidneys, relive the ischemia and hypoxia in blood vessels, get the diseased cells repaired, thus improving kidney function.

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