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Why Do I Feel Sleepy & Weakness with Kidney Failure Creatinine 5.0

2015-09-18 10:55

Why Do I Feel Sleepy & Weakness with Kidney Failure Creatinine 5.0Creatinine 5.0 means that patients are at advanced stage 3 kidney disease. When kidney disease is developed into a certain stage, there are some obvious changes on patients’ body. Feeling sleepy and weakness decreases patients’ life quality. Why do they feel sleepy and weakness with creatinine 5.0 and more importantly, how do you relive it?

Feeling sleepy and weakness may attribute to anemia. As a matter of fact, the kidneys are responsible to produce a hormone called hemopoietin which is to produce red blood cells. With sufficient red blood pressures, patients can keep a health station. The body tissues around the kidney will lose their normal ability to filter the wastes products, as a result, they will deposit in the body. The kidneys are attacked easily by the accumulation of the wastes products. The kidney may lose its function to produce sufficient red blood cells. And the sufficient blood and oxygen can not be delivered to important organs, such as heart and kidneys. Regarding on this, patients are prone to suffer from sleepy and weakness.

A great loss of protein from blood. In normal condition, our body digest the protein we eat from foods, this process will produce some useful substances which will be kept in blood, such as red blood cells and proteins, as well as some wastes products which will be eliminate our of body, like creatinine and blood urea nitrogen. When there is something wrong with the kidneys, the kidneys can not keep protein in blood. Since protein is a substances that makes people have energy. If the body can not get sufficient protein, patients often run high risk to suffer from sleepy and weakness.

The natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has remarkable function in reducing high creatinine level. The causes for sleepy and weakness with creaitnine 5 have been listed, if you want to know more details, please send your illness condition and phone number to our renal doctor will analyze it and reply you as soon as possible.

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