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Top 6 Symptoms of Kidney Failure

2015-10-04 10:24

kidney failure symptomsWhen patients experience kidney failure, they are bound to experience various symptoms. While, knowing the top six symptoms of kidney failure is helpful to receive a better treatment.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure always occurs along with kidney failure. Normally, the kidneys play essential role in regulating blood pressure. When the kidneys are failed to work well, blood pressure are more likely to increase. In clinic, patients often prescribed with anti-high blood pressure medications. However, long term of taking these medications is harmful for patients’ physical condition.


in fact, the kidneys are responsible to produce a hormone called erythropoietin to produce red blood cells. When the normal kidney function is affected, the kidneys may lose its ability to produce the hormone. Without sufficient red blood cells in the body, patients are more likely to develop anemia.

Changes in urine

As the early stage of kidney failure, since there is something wrong with renal tubes, patients may experience frequent urination, especially at night, at the advanced stage of kidney failure, patients are more likely to have less urine or no urine at all because there is serious damage on your kidney.

Nausea ad vomiting

In case of kidney failure, there are numerous of toxins and wastes products build up in the body, of which urea will get into gastrointestinal tract system. And then, it will be broke down into ammonia by urease when it gets into intestinal tract system, stimulating the gastrointestinal tract system. As a result, patients experience nausea and vomiting easily.

Muscle cramping

For patients with kidney failure, they are failed to keep electrolyte level into balance, low calcium level in blood makes patients suffer from muscle cramping easily.


Swelling of whole body may be a common sign of kidney failure, because the kidneys can not eliminate extra fluid out of body efficiently and then, they will build up in the body tissues.

The common symptoms of kidney failure have been listed, if you still have doubt about the symptoms of kidney failure, please consult our online doctor directly or leave a message below, the renal experts will reply you as soon as possible.

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