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What is the Most Effective Treatment for Anemia

2016-02-21 14:51

What is the Most Effective Treatment for AnemiaIn the world, there are 17 billion people are suffering from different degree anemia and almost 10 billion people are experiencing kidney disease. With experiencing anemia, patients’ kidney disease is getting worse and worse. Therefore, if your kidney disease can be treated well, the first step is to control anemia.

There are following aspects caused by anemia

1, Anemia is a condition in which sufficient blood and oxygen can not be delivered to the kidney and other important organs timely, therefore, your heart will work harder than before. This causes heart failure and blood deficiency in heart.

2, anemia increases the risk of decreasing immunity, as a result, you often run high risk to develop infection. In some cases, your life would be threatened.

And then, do you know why kidney disease patient experience anemia ?

Generally, the reason why you experience anemia is because insufficient iron substances in blood occurs. However, if a kidney disease patient experience anemia, because there are several kidney cells and tissues which are responsible to produce red blood cells occurring in the kidneys. When there is damage with the diseased cells and tissues, the deposition of toxic substances makes patients decreasing red blood cells. In order to have limit the diet strictly, you often are not allowed to eat too much proteins. As a result, the production of red blood cells is decreased.

What do you do with anemia

1, Take medications. You can take medications of cobalt chloride and chalybeate. When you experience anemia, there is always a discomfort with your stomach. To some extent, taking chalybeate is helpful to relive stomach pain. Taking Vitamin D strengthen the ability of absorbing iron. Therefore, you can take iron supplement and juice in daily life.

2, When taking iron supplement does not take effects to relive anemia, you have to undergo rejection. Besides, you can take hemopoietin, so as to increase the production of red blood cells.

3, Transfusion. As long as you experience severe anemia, you can apply the way of transfusion. However, this just can relive symptoms clinically.

4, the most fundamental way for you to relive anemia is to repair the diseased cells and tissues which are used to produce red blood cells. Regarding on this, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good choice for you to consider.

If you want to know more details about this, please send your present condition and phone number to The renal doctor will analyze your illness condition more accurately and then reply you as soon as possible.

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