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will Cold Cause Kidney Failure To Threaten Life

2018-08-19 16:15

Kidney Failure,ColdIn recent years, the incidence of Chronic Kidney Disease is on the rise worldwide, and it has become another major threat to human health after cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and malignant tumors. From the perspective of clinical treatment, the lack of knowledge about kidney disease and neglect of kidney disease are the biggest obstacles to the discovery and treatment of chronic kidney disease.

Chronic kidney disease is less likely to be detected than other major diseases. It begins with no obvious symptoms and many patients develop uremia at the time of treatment.

Why cold can cause Kidney Failure?

Cold itself does not directly lead to nephritis, the cold caused by Streptococcus hemolyticus that can easily lead to human immune dysfunction, if not suppressed for a long time, "chaotic" human immune system will take normal kidney tissue as disease tissue to attack, eventually leading to acute nephritis, treatment is not as good as. Then, it develops into chronic kidney disease. In addition, cold usually causes upper respiratory tract infection, when pathogens along the trachea, bronchial downward spread, will develop into lower respiratory tract infection, namely tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and then downward development, will develop to the urinary system, many kidney diseases are found in the examination of a cold.

Reducing respiratory tract infections and other infections is the key to preventing kidney disease. Because of the cold weather in winter, sweat and toxins from the skin are reduced, the burden on the kidney itself is greater, coupled with the high incidence of cold in winter, it is easier to cause kidney disease. Therefore, we must pay attention to keep warm. If you have a cold, you should treat it in time.

If adults catch a cold more than 6 times a year, they should be vigilant. People with family history of nephropathy or who have suffered from kidney disease should also prevent colds. If you find abnormal urine color, urine volume changes and back pain, you should go to the regular hospital for examination immediately. The average person should have urine tests at least once a year.

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