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What Are The Symptoms Of Renal Insufficiency

2018-08-20 14:32

Renal Insufficiency,SymptomsRenal insufficiency is caused by a variety of causes, serious destruction of the glomerulus, the body in excretion of metabolic waste and regulation of water-saving electrolytes, acid-base balance disorders such as clinical syndrome after the group. It is divided into acute renal insufficiency and chronic renal insufficiency. Severe prognosis is one of the major life-threatening diseases.

Renal insufficiency can be divided into the following four phases:

1. Compensatory period of renal function reserve. Because the renal reserve compensatory capacity is very large, so clinical renal function has been reduced, but its excretion of metabolites and regulation of water, electrolyte balance can still meet the normal needs, clinical symptoms do not appear, renal function tests are also in the normal range or occasionally slightly higher phenomenon.

2. Renal insufficiency. Glomerular damage has been more, 60% - 75%, renal excretion of metabolic waste has been a certain obstacle, creatinine urea nitrogen can be high or exceed the normal value. The patient can suffer from anemia, fatigue, weight loss and mental concentration. But often neglected, if there is loss of water, infection, bleeding, and so on, will soon appear obvious symptoms.

3. Renal failure. Renal function has been seriously damaged, 75% - 95%, can not maintain the body's internal environment stability, patients are prone to fatigue, fatigue, lack of concentration and other symptoms aggravated, anemia, nocturia increased, serum creatinine, urea nitrogen increased significantly, and often acidosis. This period is also called nitrogen hyperemia.

4. Uremia or renal insufficiency. This period of glomerular damage has exceeded 95%, there are serious clinical symptoms, such as severe nausea, vomiting, less urine, edema, malignant hypertension, severe anemia, itching skin, taste of urine and so on.

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