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What To Do If You Miss The Dialysis

2013-10-27 14:54

In western country, both the dialysis and kidney transplant are commonly used by end stage kidney failure and uremia patients. However, as we all know that there are many side effects and complications caused by dialysis that may affect patients’ life seriously. So most of them don’t want to choose dialysis but try to search for a natural and effective treatment for treating their kidney diseases. The following may give you some ideas about what to do if you miss the dialysis.

Actually, if you have kidney disease and the first thing you should to do is to repair your damaged kidney and improve kidney function as soon as possible so as to make them reach the normal level.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a innovative therapy and its core technology aims at to crush effective constituent contained in Chinese natural herbs in order to make them well mixed. Then with the help of penetrant and osmosis devices, the active factors included in the herbs will enter into the damaged kidney directly and after several treatments, patients will feel their kidneys are recovering slowly day by day. Compared with other therapies, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy eliminate the side effects of oral drugs and during the treatment, patients can read books, chat with others, sleeping, they don’t feel any discomfortable or pain during the whole process. Moreover, this therapy can treat your kidney disease effectively and you need not worry anything.

Stem Cell Therapy

At present, stem cell therapy also is a very effective therapy in treating kidney diseases and using its self-replication ability, stem cell is able to replace the necrotic cells in your body and through development and maturity after a period, thus repair damaged kidney and improve kidney functions completely. If you have missed dialysis, stem cell therapy is the best choice.

Finally, if you still have doubts about this topic what to do if you miss the dialysis, contact us immediately, we will try our best to help you.

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