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Natural Remedy to Relieve Itchy Skin in Chronic Kidney Failure

2014-02-26 17:23

When the disease develops into Chronic Kidney Failure, many symptoms will occur or become serious. Itchy skin is one of the common symptoms in kidney failure. Nowadays, more and more people are searching for the natural remedy. There are some natural remedies to relieve itchy skin in chronic kidney failure.

Do you know how itchy skin occur?

The remaining kidney function is less than 15% when the disease progresses into chronic renal failure. Kidneys are responsible for discharging toxins in blood. When kidneys are damaged, the toxins will accumulate in blood. Some of the toxins will be discharged through sweating. If they deposit on skin, they will stimulate skin, causing itching.

There will be electrolyte disorder when kidneys have problems. High phosphorus level is also a cause of itchy skin.

Because of the high amount of toxins in blood, the fluids under skin will be transferred into blood vascular, which will cause dry skin. Dry skin can also lead to itching.

Natural remedy to relieve itchy skin in chronic kidney failure.

A. The important point you should know is that you cannot scratch the itchy. Scratching will increase the stimulation to the skin and aggravate the itchy feeling.

B. Take moderate exercise and build up your body. You can take general massage to promote the skin microcirculation before putting on clothes in the morning and after taking off clothes in the evening.

C. Take care of your diet. If you are attacked by itchy skin, you are not allowed to eat stimulating foods, such as pepper, sea foods, curry powder and so on.

D. Do not take hot water bath. The hot water will stimulate the skin. Take warm water bath 1-2 times a week will help relieve itchy skin.

E. Do Hot Compress Therapy. This is a natural therapy which aims at repairing the damaged kidney cells and improve kidney function. Thus the waste products will be discharged and itchy skin will be alleviated.

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