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Natural Remedies for Stage 4 Kidney Disease with Creatinine 7.3

2014-02-28 22:15

Many patients with stage 4 kidney disease are accompanied by high creatinine level and more and more patients are searching for the natura remedies. Here I will provide you some natural remedies for stage 4 kidney disease with creatinine 7.3.

First of all, you should pay attention to your diet.

The proper diet is important to prevent further damage. You are suggested to eat low potassium diet, low phosphorus diet, low sodium diet, low fat diet and low protein diet if you have high creatinine level. You can take “Five Diet Tips for Patients with Chronic Kidney Failure”for reference if you want detailed diet suggestions.

Secondly, you should develop a healthy lifestyle.

Do some exercise moderately to build up your body. Do not stay at home all the time. Go outside and make some friends. You can develop a good mood with your friends. A good mood plays an important role in dealing with the disease. It is reported that a positive attitude can help improve your immunity and fight against the disease.

Thirdly, you should improve kidney function.

The two point talked about above can help preserve the remaining kidney function but can not help improve kidney function. The proper diet and healthy lifestyle are necessary, but only with them, the disease cannot be cured. The most effective treatment is to improve your kidney function. Then which treatment can achieve this goal? Here I can tell you that  the most commonly used treatment--dialysis is not in the list. If you are now searching for the natural treatment, you can take Hot Compress Therapy into consideration.

This therapy is a typically natural therapy. Here I will not describe the process of this therapy. If you want to know how it operations, you can ask the online doctor, the y will give you the detailed explanation. You may be more interested its effects. It can achieve such effects: cleaning the toxins, repair the damaged kidney cells, improve immunity and improve kidney function.

The natural remedies for stage 4 kidney disease with creatinine 7.3 are effective and safe. If you want to know more about the natural remedies, you can send an email to for a reply. The kidney doctor will give you more detailed information. Good luck.

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