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Can Ketosteril and Low Protein Diet Reserve Kidney Failure

2014-05-26 04:43

Ketosteril also called Compound α-Ketoacid Tablets, usually is used to prevent and treat kidney failure when their GFR declines to 25ml/min, and it is better to combine with low protein diet. So some patients have a question whether ketosteril and low protein diet can reserve kidney failure. Next we will give you a detail answer, we hope it will help you.

In recent ten years, Compound α-Ketoacid Tablets is regarded as one of the important treatments for kidney failure that can avoid dialysis. Because the patients with chronic kidney failure are suffering from the protein and amino acid metabolism disorders, while ketosteril can supply amino acid and reduce the generation of urea to alleviate the symptoms of kidney failure.

Besides, ketosteril and low protein diet can get the following purposes in treating kidney failure.

1. Alleviate the symptoms of kidney failure, such as proteinuria.

2. Reduce the accumulation of metabolic wastes and toxins, such as creatinine, urea, uric acid and so on.

3. Improve lipid metabolism disorder and endocrine disorders.

Though ketosteril and low protein diet can play an important role in treating kidney failure and preventing kidney failure worsening, it can not repair the damaged kidney, that is to say, ketosteril and low protein diet can not reserve kidney failure. But do not give up, except ketosteril and low protein diet, there are always some effective treatments that can reserve kidney failure.

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are some popular treatments that can treat kidney failure from two aspects, purifying blood and repairing kidney. Our treatments have Blood Pollution Treatment, Blood purification, Medicated Bath, Cupping Therapy, Pedicure, Hot Compress Therapy and so on. We can use different treatments to treat your kidney failure according to your illness condition.

In a word, ketosteril and low protein diet can not reserve kidney failure, but you can choose some other natural treatments to reserve your illness condition. In our hospital, we can promise that if you are in the stage of early kidney failure, there is 50 percent chance that we can reserve your kidney failure.

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