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Can Creatinine Level 1.6 in Kidney Failure Be Reversed with Natural Treatments

2014-05-29 10:47

Can creatinine level 1.6 in kidney failure be reversed with natural treatments? Because creatinine level 1.6 is not very high, many patients manage to reverse it. And we are so glad that you can find your illness in an early time, because early diagnosis and treatments can increase the cure rate. Next, we will introduce you in detail.

In clinic, the creatinine level 1.6-2.0 means you are in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) stage 2, that is to say, creatinine level 1.6 indicates you are in the early CKD stage 2. In our hospital, we can promise that if you are in the period of renal impairment, we have fifty percent possibility of reversing your illness condition.

How can we do it?

In our hospital, we have innovated many natural treatments based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Except our unique drugs, our treatments and diagnostic techniques are also the unique. .

Our unique treatments have Du moxibustion therapy, Du steaming therapy, Cupping Therapy, Medicated Bath, Pedicure, etc.

Our unique medicines have Potentilla Discolor Bunge, snow lotus herb, Euphorbia humifusa, Tender Catchweed Bedstraw Herb, and so on. Besides, during your treatments, we also can choose some Chinese patent medicine as adjuvant therapy, such as sinomenine, Total glucosides of paeonia (TGP), Renal heald capsule, Mai-Kang, etc.

Our unique diagnostic techniques have Urinary protein component testing, Detection of renal tubular epithelial cells in urine, Glomerular protein filtration index detection and so on. Our detection index and equipments are the most advanced in the world. They can identify the specific part and degree of your kidney damage to make sure what medicines and treatments are suitable for you.

In conclusion, creatinine level 1.6 in kidney failure is more likely to be reversed with natural treatments in our hospital. Besides, all of our medicines are safe, so you do not have any side effect. If you want to know more about our treatments, you can send an email to, or leave a message below.

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