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Can Dialysis Help a Five-Year-Old Child Keep Away From Kidney Failure

2014-05-31 15:07

Yesterday, I received a question on email that can dialysis help a five-year-old child keep away from kidney failure. Now, we very understand the parent’s mood, so we write this article to give you the answer. If you have any other questions, you also can send them to, or leave a message below.

In fact, though dialysis is a common treatment that treats kidney disease, it can not help a five-year-old child keep away from kidney failure. In clinic, dialysis can help the patients remove out some metabolic products and wastes from blood. While there are many disadvantages of dialysis, please see the following.

First, it is easy to cause infection due to the dialysis machines, and infection can aggravate the illness condition of the five-year-old children.

Second, dialysis just can eliminate small molecule substances, such as water, creatinine, BUN and so on. In fact, the toxins in your child’s body not only have small molecule substances, but also large and medium molecular toxins. So, simply depending on dialysis can not remove out all the toxins from blood.

Third, during the period of dialysis, the urine volume will decrease, and the left kidney can not work normally. If long-term dialysis, the kidneys will lose their all functions gradually.

Thus, we can see that dialysis can not help a five-year-old child keep away from kidney failure. Besides, long-term dialysis may decrease the renal function and cause kidney failure. So, in view of your child is in the early stage of kidney disease, we strongly suggest your child receive some natural treatments.

In our hospital, we can choose the best natural treatments for your child, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is used externally, and has no any side effect to your child. Besides, with the help of advanced osmosis equipment, the medicines can act on the kidney lesion quickly and effectively.

Dialysis can not help a five-year-old child keep away from kidney failure, so you had better know about more natural treatments. We can promise that our natural treatments are safe and effective, especially Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. If you are interested in our treatments, please consult our online doctors. Best wishes!

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