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Chinese Therapy to Treat Kidney Infection in Kidney Failure

2014-06-10 10:14

Kidney infection is the common symptom in kidney failure and it can cause many other symptoms. Many patients are worried about it too much because it affects their health badly. Today, let’s talk about Chinese therapy to treat kidney infection in kidney failure.

Dangers of kidney infection in kidney failure

Chronic kidney infections cause scarring of the kidneys, similar to the scarring caused by high blood pressure and diabetes. With each infection, the damage is increased, until the kidneys lose the ability to filter small particles from the bloodstream.

The more frequent and more serious the infections, the greater the likelihood that kidney failure will result. Urinary tract infections that are ignored can lead to kidney infections, and the condition will be worse and worse over time.

Symptoms of kidney infection

Some of the more common symptoms of kidney infection are:




*vomiting ,

*generalized weakness,


*a burning sensation with urination (dysuria),

*dull pain on the side or lower back pain (dull kidney pain) and so on.

How does Chinese therapy treat kidney infection in kidney failure

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the recommended therapy to treat kidney infection is Hot Compress Therapy. It is a natural therapy that can repair the diseased kidney cells and tissues effectively. The effective Chinese medicines will permeate into renal lesions with the help of osmosis device. And they have the function of expanding blood vessels, anti-freezing and decreasing fibrosis. So, the symptoms of kidney failure will be relieved naturally and kidney infection can be reversed over time. You can make sure that this therapy has no side effect and does no harm to the patients. Many kidney disease patients have gotten good curative effects in our hospital. Have interest? Email to, we are here to help all the time.

Chinese therapy can treat kidney infection from root in kidney failure. Of course, you should keep a healthy lifestyle and follow a proper diet with kidney infection.

There is no need to worry about it too much, you must believe that there will be methods waiting for you. So, be strong, nothing can destroy you. And you are welcomed to leave a message below, we can help you with our best.

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