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Is There A Treatment to Shrink Kidney Cyst Naturally

2014-06-24 18:00

Maybe you or your lover has been diagnose with kidney cyst for several years. Maybe you have sought for an effective treatment for many years to treat your disease. Is there a treatment to shrink kidney cyst naturally?

Conventional western treatment to shrink kidney cyst is surgery. When the cysts are big enough, some people have to choose dialysis or kidney transplant. But this two treatments can not treat kidney cyst from root, and disease may occur repeatedly. Patients may suffer from much pain when receiving treatments. To treat kidney cyst, shrinking cyst is the key. Some natural medical therapies do help. Besides, foods and drinks therapies can also help slow down the growth rate of kidney cyst.

A. Foods can shrink kidney cyst

Kidney cyst is filled with fluid, which can have cysts become bigger and bigger. You should drink enough water to prevent kidney cyst expansion. In addition, bitter gourd, cabbage and carrot are also do help.

B. Herbal tea to shrink kidney cyst

Herbal tea has been proved to have the function of diuretics and cleansing the blood. So, herbal tea can shrink kidney cyst effectively, such as corn silk, dandelion root are used by many kidney cyst patients.

C. Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) to shrink kidney cyst

Many kidney cyst patients complain that surgery only can shrink the bigger cysts, the smaller cysts will grow quickly after surgery. TCM happens to remedy the shortage of surgery. It can not only shrink big kidney cysts but also small kidney cysts. We recommend to you a new Chinese therapy here: hot compress therapy. Based on the TCM, it is a treatment used externally. If you have interest in this therapy, talk to our online doctor freely.

Is there a treatment to shrink kidney cyst naturally? The answer is yes. If you are diagnosed with kidney cyst, no matter you are old or young. Do not lose hope to treat kidney cyst naturally. We are here to help all the time. Send an email to if you have questions about your kidney disease.

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