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Are Dialysis and Kidney Transplant helpful for End Stage Renal Disease Patients

2014-12-10 17:23

End Stage Renal Disease is a illness condition in which the kidneys failed to work, patients want to seek for a natural treatment to improve the quality of their life. Some patients choose dialysis, some choose kidney transplant. Are they really helpful for patients. This article is going to talk about this.

Dialysis is a procedure that cleans and filters your blood. It can get rid of harmful wastes and extra salt and fluids out of body. Dialysis controls blood pressure and helps your body keep balance of electrolyte level.

Side effects of dialysis can be caused by rapid changes in your body’s fluid and electrolyte level during the treatment. Muscle cramping and anemia are two main common side effects of dialysis, which makes you feel weak, dizzy and poor appetite.

Kidney transplant is a procedure that puts a new kidneys in your body from a donor. The new kidneys can do the work that your kidneys cannot do. It is important for the donor’s blood and tissues to closely match your tissues. On this regard, you have to take a great amount of drugs every day for the rest of your life to fight against the reaction of rejection.

While kidney transplant is not a cure. There is always a chance that your body will body will reject the new kidneys. Once the kidney has been used up, patients have to seek for a another new kidney to maintain life.

From the above content we can reach to a conclusion that patients should find other treatments to help them to keep away from dialysis and kidney transplant. While, what is the alternative treatment for End Stage Renal Disease patients.

The renal experts from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It can speed up the blood circulation, remove the stasis out of body, protect the residual renal units, repair the genes, relive the symptoms, improve the kidney function fundamentally, thus keeping away from dialysis and kidney transplant as much as possible.

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