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Why Kidney Dialysis Patients Experience Low Blood Pressure

2015-12-08 15:16

Why Kidney Dialysis Patients Experience Low Blood PressureThere are millions of patients living with kidney dialysis. While, patients with dialysis often displayed symptom of low blood pressure. Why kidney dialysis patients experience low blood pressure? More importantly, is there any treatment to help patients relive low blood pressure?

Why kidney dialysis patients experience low blood pressure?

During dialysis, when too much fluid is removed out of blood vessels and the filtered blood can not be flew back to body timely, during this process, patients are more likely to experience low blood pressure. In addition to, our kidney are responsible to produce a hormone called hemopoietin that is used to produce red blood cells. There are several factors affecting the function of producing this hormone, including longer term of high blood pressure and diabetes, immune disorder and genetic disorder. As a result, the production of red blood cells is decreasing. Without sufficient red blood cells delivering to the important organs, patients are prone to experience low blood pressure.

What can patients do to relive low blood pressure during dialysis?

During or after dialysis, patients can eat iron supplement to alleviate low blood pressure, at some point. However, simply eating iron supplement can not solve the problem at all. Do you still want to undergo dialysis? Do you want to seek for another treatment to get rid of dialysis? If you do not want to, you need to seek for a treatment to keep away from dialysis. And the most important thing for getting rid of dialysis is to help the kidney fulfill its function normally.

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, a natural treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is developed for repairing diseased kidney cells and tissues. This is a complete natural treatment, because the main materials of this treatment is herbal medicines. By extending blood vessels and promoting blood circulation, the diseased kidney cells and tissues can be repaired gradually by delivering sufficient blood and oxygen to the kidneys. Taking this treatment for a period, the diseased kidney cells and tissues can be repaired gradually. With the improvement of kidney function, patients will have less dialysis or even stop dialysis.

Are you trying to keep away from dialysis? If so, please send your current illness condition and phone number to We will try our best to help you.

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