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ACE Inhibitor for Kidney Disease: Effects and Side Effects

2013-05-14 17:37

Kidney disease patients especially the one who has high blood pressure must be very familiar with ACE inhibitor (ACEI), because this kind of anti-hypertensive agent can help not only lower high blood pressure but also protect patients’ kidneys. However, it may also cause some side effects. If you have kidney disease and high blood pressure, you can decide whether this medicine is suitable for you according to its effects and side effects.

The effects of ACE inhibitor for kidney disease

The biggest benefit of ACEI is to lower high blood pressure, through extending blood vessels and decreasing the production of angiotension II. In addition, it can also help treat heart failure, and prevent strokes and kidney damage in people with hypertension or diabetes.

As for kidney disease, the other benefit of ACEI is to help treat glomerular disease. According to the research, long-term hypertension and high blood pressure within glomeruli are two important factors that determine patients’ prognosis. ACEI can lower high blood pressure and change glomerular permeability. As a result, it can help ease patients’ proteinuria and swelling. Generally, using this medicine in the long term can reduce 45% of proteinuria. Even though this medicine has so many benefits, it isn’t suitable for all kidney disease patients. The reason is that it still has some side effects.

Side effects of ACE inhibitor for kidney disease

● Cough and fever

● Low blood pressure and dizziness

● Headache

● Drowsiness and weakness

● Diarrhea

● Rash and itchy skin

● Hair loss

If you have one or more side effects the above mentioned, you should tell your doctor as soon as possible to avoid further problems. Even though ACEI can help treat some kinds of kidney disease, it can do little to the damaged kidneys. If you have kidney disease, a kidney repairing treatment is very important. Tell your condition to the kidney experts online, so they can help you choose correct medicines and treatment.

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