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Treat Edema In Two Ways To Far Away Uremia

2019-03-24 13:55

Clinically, Edema is a common symptom of Kidney Disease. In fact, there are many causes of edema, such as heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes and so on. Here we only talk about the edema caused by nephropathy, that is, renal edema. Following this article to get answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

Renal edema requires two characteristics: the first is symmetry, but not strict symmetry. The second refers to concaveness, which means that if pressed, it will not bounce up immediately.

There are many kinds of edematous nephropathy, and the cause of edema is usually due to the decrease of plasma albumin. The decrease of plasma albumin is usually caused by a large amount of proteinuria.

Therefore, clinically, the four "three high and one low" symptoms of massive proteinuria, high edema, hyperlipidemia and hypoproteinemia are collectively called nephrotic syndrome. Many nephrotic diseases can be caused by nephrotic syndrome.

Why does the decrease of plasma albumin cause edema?

This is because the decrease of plasma albumin content will cause the decrease of plasma colloid osmotic pressure and the increase of capillary permeability, which will lead to the osmotic pressure in the tissues lower than that in the blood, so that the plasma enters the tissue fluid and forms edema.

In addition to the edema caused by decreased plasma albumin, there are other causes that can also cause edema.

For example, the kidney is severely damaged, the glomerular filtration rate decreases, the renal tubules re-absorb sodium ions, and sodium ions are trapped outside the cells, thus causing edema.

Treatment of renal edema to do two things, rapid detumescence, more far away from renal failure!

The focus of treatment can be divided into two directions: the first is to supplement high-quality protein for edema caused by hypoproteinemia; the second is to use diuretics for edema caused by sodium retention, and diuretics also have antihypertensive effect.

First of all, high-quality protein supplementation is necessary for nephrotic patients with massive proteinuria. Recommended foods are milk and egg whites. How much is the right amount to eat?

It is generally believed that the daily intake of protein is 0.6 grams per kilogram of body weight, which can be calculated according to the patient's own weight. Take ordinary milk as an example. Every 100 grams of milk contains 3 grams of protein. That is to say, a 50 kg patient can drink 2 kg of milk every day.

Let's talk about the problem of low salt. Most patients with kidney disease have been told by doctors to eat too low salt diet. Looking at the above description, you should understand the reason.

Commonly used diuretics can be divided into strong, moderate and weak effects, among which high-efficiency diuretics are furosemide, etanilic acid and bumetanil. Medium-effect diuretics include thiazide diuretics and chlorophthalone, while low-effect diuretics include potassium-retaining diuretics such as snail, aminophenol, amiloride and so on. Doctors need to choose according to the specific conditions of patients.

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