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Kidney Function Below 50%: Symptoms and Treatment

2013-06-30 15:07

Kidney Function Below 50%: Symptoms and Treatment Our kidneys are great excretory organs that remove wastes and extra water from the blood to form urine. If the kidney is slightly damaged, they can still work optimally, and no system or discomfort occurs unless kidney function declines to 50% or less.


Each kidney contains about one million nephrons that are responsible for purifying blood and keeping the balance of internal environment. When 50% of nephrons in both kidneys are impaired, excessive wastes and toxins build up in the body and electrolyte balance is damaged, leading to more and more symptoms such as:

- Fatigue: Feeling tired all the time that is usually due to anemia or the deposition of wastes.

- Swelling: Fluid retention occurs easily when kidneys lose their ability to eliminate excessive fluid. Then, people with low kidney function may have swelling in their legs, hands, faces or other parts.

- Kidney pain or back pain: In most cases, only people with Polycystic Kidney Disease or kidney infections suffer from kidney pain or back pain.

- Urination changes: Proteinuria and hematuria both are common symptoms of kidney problems. In addition, patients may also notice frequent urination especially at night.

Besides, many other symptoms, such as poor appetite, sleep problems, shortness of breath, etc, can also warn people to pay attention to the decline of kidney function.

Treatment options

At present, most of kidney diseases are difficult to manage. According to the severity of patients’ condition, different treatment options are recommended.

If the person’s kidney function is just lower than 50%, kidneys commonly can still produce enough urine to take away wastes and toxins. In this condition, the best treatment should be effective on preserving the remaining kidney function and stopping the progression of patients’ condition. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy indeed has such an effect. In this therapy, the western medicines are used to ease patients’ symptoms, while herbal medicines are used to prompt patients’ self-repair. With a relatively high kidney function, patients can still live normally.

If the kidney function is damaged severely, only depending medicines can’t work very well, because kidneys have lost their ability to purify blood. Therefore, a treatment that can not only cleanse patients’ blood but also repair the damaged kidney function is needed urgently. Immunotherapy and the therapy of blood therapy can be taken with the guidance of doctor.

Whatever your current condition is, only taking correct timely timely, you can regain a brand new life.

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