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Can You Eat Watermelon in Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-10-01 11:03

watermelon, chronic kidney failureGenerally speaking, many chronic kidney failure patients consider that watermelon is a beneficial fruit which can help illness recovery. However, in many countries, kidney disease experts remind patients don’t eat too much. They tell us that watermelon not only can’t help them recover, but also even worsen the condition to the chronic kidney failure patients.

It is well known that watermelon is the best fruit in summer. It’s not only because the function of quenching our thirst, but also it can discharge excess water out of the body. However, although watermelon has these good functions and rich in nutrition, when patients eat it, something should be pay more attention to.

If you have eaten a large number of watermelons in a short time, it can increase the amount of water in body which more than the body's physiological capacity. To the patients with chronic kidney failure, the kidney’s absorption ability of water has greatly reduced, so it can’t adjust and discharge too much water out of the body, finally, this phenomenon can lead to blood volume increasing rapidly and patients are easy to die because of acute heart failure.

Although eating ice watermelon has the good effect to relieve summer –heat, the stimulation of watermelon is very serious to stomach as well as lead to injury of it. So when patients eat it, they must pay attention to the temperature and the quantity of it. If you want to put it into refrigerator, the best temperature is about 8-10 ℃. In addition, you must control the amount of watermelon. You had better take less than 500 grams every time.

In conclusion, the answer to the question that can patients eat watermelon in chronic kidney failure is yes, but you should control the amount and temperature. You must keep in mind don’t eat too many, otherwise it can influence the treatment of Chronic Kidney Failure to a large extent.

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