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Cucumber Benefits for Kidney Disease Patients

2013-10-28 14:24

Cucumber Benefits for Kidney Disease, cucumberIn general, cucumber can become one of kidney disease patients’ choices. A healthy diet can help kidney disease patients protect kidney function and slow down the progression of condition to a certain degree. So patients usually care about their diet. Here we will help you know more about the cucumber benefits for kidney disease patients.

Diet suggestions depend on patients’ overall condition and results of lab test. If you need more information about diet or you can not make sure whether a certain food is good to you, you can leave us a message or email to to tell us more about your condition, our experts will surely send you the medical advises. Ok, here, the cucumber benefits for kidney disease patients include the following aspects:

-Cucumber is best natural diuretic known, secreting and promoting the flow of urine.

-Helps in kidneys and urinary bladder disease.

-The potassium content of cucumber makes it highly useful for conditions of high and low blood pressure.

-Cucumber contains erepsin, the enzyme that helps to digest protein.

-A mixture of cucumber juice with carrot juice is said to be beneficial for rheumatic conditions resulting from excessive uric acid in the body, which keeps kidney happy.

-Cucumber contains a hormone needed by the cells of the pancreas for producing insulin.

Though there are many cucumber benefits for kidney disease patients, not all patients are suggested to consume cucumbers. For instance, if kidney disease patients are suffering from high levels of potassium or severe edema, then cucumber should be avoided.

You are welcomed to tell us more about your condition by the way you prefer, our experts will surely give you some medical medicals according to your specific condition to help manage the condition well.

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