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How Much Fluid Intake Is for Kidney Failure Patients

2013-11-09 14:28

How Much Fluid Intake Is for Kidney Failure Patients, kidney failure, fluid intakeWe are told the healthy body normally needs up to eight glasses of water a day to maintain fluid balance. For people with kidney failure, these normal amounts of fluid may cause problems. Then how much fluid intake is for kidney failure patients?

Why there has limitation on fluid intake for kidney failure patients on dialysis?

Most kidney failure patients on dialysis get treatments three times a week for about three or more hours at a time. This means, in the days between your dialysis treatments, your body holds on to excess fluid and waste your kidneys cannot remove.

Going over your recommended fluid intake can lead to too much fluid building up in your body between treatments. It causes swelling and increases your blood pressure, which makes your heart work harder. Too much fluid can build up in the lungs, making it difficult for you to breathe.

How much fluid intake is for kidney failure patients on dialysis?

It may vary for each individual patient. Factors such as weight gain between treatments, urine output and swelling are considered.

How much fluid intake is for kidney failure patients who have not started dialysis?

If kidney failure patients do not have high swelling and the blood pressure is not very high, he does not need to limit the fluid intake strictly. However, if the swelling condition is severe or patients have serious high blood pressure, the amount of the fluid intake should be the urine amount +500ml.

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